Uncovering the strange secret of Rihanna’s separation from her Saudi billionaire boyfriend

Uncovering the strange secret of Rihanna’s separation from her Saudi billionaire boyfriend

The famous blogger, Chalon Lester, revealed some strange new details behind the global hip-hop and pop star Rihanna suddenly separating from her Saudi billionaire friend Hassan Jameel and smashing his heart.

Several foreign reports confirmed that international pop singer Rihanna separated from her Saudi billionaire friend Jameel once and for all, after a love story that lasted for more than three years of dating, intimate emotional relationships and co-appearing in many public events and on the beaches.

In a new analysis, published on its official YouTube channel, quoting private sources close to Rihanna, Lister confirmed that among those reasons is forcing Jamil Rihanna to eat meals to gain weight more than necessary.

Lester narrated in a video published on YouTube that the 31-year-old Saudi billionaire was hiding Rihanna’s snacks throughout the day, and deliberately losing her in the plane and car to force her to eat heavy meals all the time in order to gain weight.

The famous blog highlighted that the weight of the most incoming singer in the world increased from 125 pounds (56,699 kg) to 200 pounds (90.71 kg) during their relationship, which is a noticeable increase.

Rihanna was not the first lady in the life of the 31-year-old Saudi billionaire, he married in 2012 the Tunisian art critic Lina Lazar, who is 37 years old, and separated from her in 2017, and Hassan Jamil is the vice chairman of the family company, Abdel Latif Jamil, responsible for many commercial operations inside and outside the Kingdom.

Rihanna broke up with her boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009, after two years of dating, and after photos of them spread after they had a hand quarrel with him, they soon returned again in 2013, before separating a few months later.

Hovering around the pop star who is on the throne of the richest singers in the world, many rumors about her emotional life, her name was previously associated with international actor Leonardo DiCaprio, rock singer Drake month, and Ryan Philip.