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Kim Kardashian … from fashion to law

Kim Kardashian … from fashion to law

Kim Kardashian West, the American reality TV star, has successfully completed her first year of law studying, as she prepares to show a documentary on her activism in the criminal justice system.

Kim, who is following him on Instagram, 156 million followers, in addition to 63 million followers on Twitter and millions on the rest of social media platforms, will be screened for a movie called “Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project”, for the first time on the “oxygen” network to broadcast on the fifth of Next April.

Kim appears in the two-hour film, visiting prisons and working with legal experts to discuss four cases of people who believe that their sentences were unfair. She became interested in criminal justice reform after she contributed to the release of two women from prison.

Kim is famous for developing beauty and fashion products and telling her life with her sisters on the TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, in addition to the constant publication of pictures of the well-known brand that she owns, and she does not skimp on her followers with pictures and videos of how to spend her day or what she spends her money, What do you eat, what do you drink, where do you stay up, what do you wear, in other words, as if the follower lives with her at home and her family.

While presenting the new documentary, the reality TV star was asked about her response to those who say that she has become interested in the law in order to publicize the well-known brand that she owns, and she answered, “I am used to criticizing so it does not bother me,” adding that “I really focus on people’s issues … No I do this for the purpose of advertising because I care about the law. “

Some criticized Kim Kardashian, such as “Fall” who asked about Kim’s educational level and wrote, “Do you hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline? Did you graduate from any university? Did you pass the law school entrance exam? Well, I think millions of dollars fill all these blanks.”

Others defended the reality TV star even if they were not a fan of it like “Robin Justice”, who said “I don’t follow Kardashian, but I always say I hope the rich and the privileged use their voice to make a real difference in this world. The justice system is an unjust nightmare, frankly.” I think this is a really cool job. “

It is reported that the followers of the reality TV star are not only Americans, but also from all countries of the world.

Kim, 39, says she studies a total of 20 hours of law a day every week, adding that she has completed her first year on a four-year vocational training program in California. She aims to take the bar exam in 2022.

For his part, Vince Dibersio, one of the executive producers of the movie “The Project Project,” said that Kim “takes a lot of risks in defending the prisoners’ release,” adding, “She is a well-known figure in the country and has a big brand. One of them can go out of prison and have committed A gruesome act, but Kim is ready to take a risk. “

Kardashian hopes the movie will convince viewers that some deserve another chance even if they are involved in a violent crime. “You have no idea of ​​their circumstances and what led them to these decisions … I hope people will become more compassionate,” she said.

It is reported that in 2018, Kardashian succeeded in pressuring US President Donald Trump to commute the life sentence of a 63-year-old woman in Tennessee and was convicted of a drug offense.

In early 2019, she helped pardon another Tennessee woman after she was convicted of killing a man who had paid to have sex with her while she was in her teens.