Gordon Ramsay is the symbol of global cooking and the undisputed leader of the chefs

Gordon Ramsay is the symbol of global cooking and the undisputed leader of the chefs

Who cannot absorb the successful global kitchen culture and the passion of distinguished chefs to obtain the best flavors and the finest dishes, will never be able to understand why this cook on TV has a sharp tongue and is known for his harsh criticism that reaches the level of insults and ridicule of the performance of the workers in his kitchen, he is a teacher not Like him, he will not accept anything but the best, and only his elite will join his team, of course! Because simply Chef Gordon Ramsay!!

A simple accident that changes the course of an athlete’s life to become a world chef

As is the case for a large proportion of ordinary people who had never planned or thought about fame, before Ramsay turned twenty he had an accident in his knee that diverted his life path and removed him from his first love; Football, and although he did not realize at the time that this incident was the best that happened to him, he was forced to start again in a field far away from sport, and this time he chose to enter the field of hotel management, so he put himself after obtaining the certificate under a better command London chefs learn from their tips and advice what honed his talents and melt his skill. His experience makes one of us rethink his career, right ?!

This obsessed with perfection, to the point of criticizing many in the fields of culinary arts, is truly the true nightmare of kitchen without competition. The Scottish gentleman of Scottish origin is known internationally as the star of the television series Hills Kitchen, which is still a great success and attracts large numbers of followers since its inception in 2007.

He also authored a sizeable collection of books in his field of specialization, the first of which was the ‘Passion for Flavor’ book published in 1998. Gordon today owns a huge company and a distinguished restaurant chain in France, Italy, Las Vegas, Singapore and others.

And the number of employees in his restaurant group in London is only about seven hundred! Most holders of the six Michelin global stars who rate and review the work of prestigious restaurants based on certain criteria such as a decent strategic location, fine-quality dishes and innovative ideas, so getting a good rating from the Michelin reviewers is like an Academy Award for Hollywood stars.

The human being is behind Chef Gordon Ramsay

The chef has a somewhat hidden aspect that most of his followers and admirers of his cheerful dishes do not teach him, he is a man who loves family life, a loyal husband and father of four children who share a passion for cooking and he is keen on teaching them some principles, and he does not forget to host them sometimes in the episodes of his programs.

 Together with his wife, we were able to create the Gordon and Tana Ramsey Foundation to help sick children and their families, collect donations to support Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, provide medical equipment and allocate places for parents to stay near the pleasures of their livers during their hospital trip.

The best of the chef

In addition to the most delicious and best that can be tasted in the best and finest presentation and the latest innovations in the art of cooking, Gordon Ramsey’s ingenuity also led him to become a star of successful TV shows of high media value and we mention them ..

The famous ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ competitive series cooking, which reached its fifteenth season, attracting a large number of viewers around the world.

The series Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef programs in its British and American versions also achieved great success, benefiting from the success of the reality TV phenomenon, making it the main champion Chef Ramsey the 21st number in the list of the highest-earning celebrities according to Forbes magazine for the year 2015.

If you are lucky one day and think about visiting one of the restaurants of Chef Gordon Ramsay, know that all the employees there are very skilled in creating unique experiences that take their customers on a journey of sensory exploration to taste the finest foods, and do not forget to avoid participating in Hills Kitchen if you want to avoid facing the shameless chef Gordon Ramsay.