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The most dangerous types of dogs

The most dangerous types of dogs

There are cute dogs that you can play with and leave your children to befriend, they are like puppets that are not afraid of, and there are huge and powerful dogs that can guard and hunt and your friend will also be despite the sheer size.

But there is a third type of dog, which is dangerous dogs that you have to warn when dealing and deal with it carefully, it is able to kill a person if it wants, and there are many factors that play a role in determining how dangerous the dog is, but most researchers do not believe in this, and it depends how dangerous the dog is On the damage it causes to the victim.

Now, let us list you with a list of the most dangerous breeds of dogs that you should be careful with when dealing with them.


The strain that was placed as one of the 10 most dangerous strains on our list, although not inherently aggressive, is due to 48 negative incidents caused by this strain from 1982 to 2012.

This breed is of German origin and weighs between fifty to seventy pounds, and although she possesses an active, playful, and intelligent personality, her stubborn personality has killed other attributes in it.

Wolf Hybrid:

As the name implies, the hybrid wolf is also known as the wolf dog, and this breed is a mixture between the dog and the wolf (as close to the gray wolf), and as a result the wolf dog hybrid is a mixture of hereditary traits, which made it so difficult to distinguish between it and the wolf or dog.

Chow Chow:

Although this breed of dogs seems distant and independent, it requires great attention from its owners if they want to not become aggressive and ill-treated, which is Chinese in origin and weighs from fifty to seventy pounds, it can be called a bulging lion.

This breed has the skills to distinguish between strangers and defends its owners fiercely, and is considered one of the most dangerous breeds.

This breed is considered rejected and needs insurance, due to the presence of 238 deaths caused by the bites of these dogs from 1979 to 1998. We can raise them at home, but they need activities and physical training daily so that they do not pose a threat as a pet.

Doberman Pinschers:

This breed is known for its alertness, loyalty, and intelligence, and this breed is considered the best guard dog as it does not attack unless it is provoked or feels that its family and possessions are in danger, and it is a German-origin pets breed for the first time in 1980 and developed (Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman) .

Hence the name of this breed came and weighs this strain from sixty-five to ninety lbs, and despite being used as guard dogs and police dogs, it only behaves aggressively against strangers and other dogs, yet this aggression is weak, and given its size and strength this aggression is potentially dangerous.


This breed is used to pull skis in the northern regions, and it is characterized by the method of speed skipping, and it was also used for dog sled racing and adventure trips. However, they can pose a danger to small animals because of the predation instinct of any animal, and if they get bored, they become destructive.

Alaskan Malamutes:

A breed of dog is close to a Siberian Eskimos, and this type requires daily training to be happy, otherwise it will become tilt, obedient, and destructive. This breed of pet dog can grow up to seventy to one hundred pounds. She is the best companion for towing, traveling on a bikejoring road, and pike gong.

It can be difficult to train and not be trusted as an honest guard, as she is known for her strong independence and poor handling of small animals.


It is a powerful strain with advanced genetic herding and instinctive guarding, as with any strain; The risk of this strain results from irresponsible property, abuse, and neglect, or social education and wrong training.

However, the power of Rottweiler is something that should not be neglected.

German Shepherd:

A breed of German origin dogs, they can weigh from seventy to a hundred pounds.

This strain is characterized by intelligence, self-confidence, alertness, alertness and lack of fear, and this strain is used by the police, and care must be taken with it because it is keen to protect its people and its land, and there is a possibility to attack this strain if it is not raised properly!


The term “pit bull” includes certain breeds of dogs, including:

“The American Pit Bull Terrier”, the American piss dog.

“The Staffordshire bull terrier,” the American Staffordshire Paul.

“The American Staffordshire terrier,” the American Staffordshire.

“The American Bulldog,” American Bulldog.

This breed is used for hunting bulls and bears, and in many countries most of them are used to wrestle dogs, and this breed is considered the most dangerous type of dog in America.

Caucasian Ovcharka:

” Ovcharka” or Caucasian herding dog, this breed is raised for the purpose of protecting cattle, this breed is known for its firmness, willpower and courage.

However, if not socially educated and properly trained it can show fierce and uncontrollable tendencies because it does not accept strangers and has a strong desire to defend.