From the oddity of the universe: Ants face floods by forming boats with their bodies!

From the oddity of the universe: Ants face floods by forming boats with their bodies!

You may not draw your attention to its small size, but these amazing creatures are still able to dazzle us with what they do, so imagine how these small creatures face devastating floods?

Scientists have discovered that, once the water leaks into the ant colonies, they evacuate those colonies, then they search for high dry lands and intertwine with each other to build a living boat with their bodies to float above the water!

This amazing behavior was discovered in fire ants who live in South America, and which inhabit the rainforests that are always vulnerable to floods. Once this amazing boat has been formed, the ants can stay that way for days, weeks, and even months until the water dries up or they reach dry ground!

Ants use their jaw to hold each other and to create an impenetrable texture from the water. The ants also carry the queen with them in a safe place inside the boat and secure them!

Scientists discovered this unique phenomenon by throwing a large number of ants at once into the water and photographing what is happening. The result was in less than two minutes the ants spread in a way that formed a living boat with their bodies as you will see in this video:

Surprisingly, when the scientists removed the ants on top one by one, they noticed that the ants on the bottom came up to keep the boat poised by maintaining its thickness and spreading area!

Scientists say that the ants below are aware of the number of ants that are on top of them in some way, and if they do not yet know how they can!

In the photos, you will notice that there is a portion of ants below the surface of the water, and you may be wondering how it stays alive. In this, scientists discovered that during the construction of these ants this boat forms air pockets beneath the surface to breathe the ant suspended from below!

As for the secret of this strange behavior, researcher Nathan Mut says that ants are a social being that needs each other, so even though a small number can float and live alone, the ant colonies often form a single boat to stay with each other!

Researchers say that ship manufacturers must learn from ants, because in less than 100 seconds this small object can build a boat without any equipment or equipment, and this boat can safely carry hundreds and even thousands of passengers with air pockets beneath it!

And in it you will notice how the ants also carry supplies and food with them and how they can paddle to direct the boat!

It is true that they are small creatures, but their actions are large!

Scientists have discovered that an ant’s body, like other insects, is covered with a rigid external structure to protect it, and that this structure is so rigid that it does not bend or bend if subjected to great pressure but rather “shatters”!

Blessed be in his hand the kingdom of everything and is capable of everything!