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Methods of dealing with dogs

Methods of dealing with dogs

Some people consider dogs to be friends with them and buy them and raise them at home. There are others who do not prefer raising them, but they want to approach them when seeing them somewhere, and in both cases the person must have knowledge of how to deal with dogs of all kinds.

When trying to woo a dog that you saw on the street with its owner, you must first ask its owner about it, is he friendly with strangers or not? Likewise, the owner’s answer must be responsible for him and be a guarantor of his dog’s behavior in public places and with strangers.

Now, we are going to talk about how to raise a dog at home, and what are the ways to deal with dogs whether it is your own dog or a dog that you only want to get close to.

Dog Breeding Tips:

If you want to own a dog and raise it in your home, you will need these tips to help you raise a dog:

Providing a clean and safe environment for your dog; The dog’s shelter must be clean and risk-free.

Providing a healthy diet for the dog; It is nutritious and prevents obesity, and it is preferable to follow the dietary recommendations recommended by the veterinarian according to the nutritional needs of your dog. It depend on the size, age and breed of the dog. Fresh water must be provided permanently for the dog.

Your dog should be controlled by a veterinarian regularly and regularly; Where the veterinarian gives you information about the dog’s health permanently and with the dates of de-worming and fighting external parasites, and gives you a vaccine book for the dog, you must adhere to and vaccinate it at specified times.

The necessity of exercising to maintain the health and fitness of the dog, and to be able to participate in activities and play together.

It is important to communicate with your own dog and develop the relationship between the two of you by providing a good time to get to know and understand the dog; Getting close to him will also help you discover and feel his illness early.

Training the dog to do many simple and basic commands, and the more you follow these orders, the higher your chance that the dog will lead a safe and long life.

Methods of dealing with dogs

If you do not own a dog, and you see someone with their owner on the street, you should be careful in handling them, as this dog may be a pet and may be hostile. Here’s a way to work with it:

 Greeting a dog: You must first ask the owner about the nature of the dog, whether it is hostile or a pet, and can you approach it, as the owner may have objection to approaching him.

Looking at the dog: When the dog owner allows you to approach him, you should avoid looking at the dog’s eye directly, because this is an aggressive behavior for the dog and also prefer not to smile because the appearance of the teeth is a sign of hostility as well.

Getting close to the dog: Let the dog come to you and it is not preferable to approach it yourself, as the dog may take this as hostile evidence, so stopping and leaving it is approaching allows you to the dog to feel more control, which makes the dog more comfortable, and you must give the dog an opportunity to smell your scent By extending your hand to him to inhale it and then the dog will notify you of its agreement to approach you by moving towards you, and it may move its head down to manipulate it on its back.

Manipulating the dog: Dogs should be carefully manipulated, as you must move away from some specific areas that are sensitive to dogs such as the stomach, paws, and head, where you can play them on the back of the neck or shoulders, and the chest is also suitable for playing, approaching gently and with an open hand, and when the dog is trying to get away from you this means That petting session is over.

Veterinarians treat dogs

Veterinarians help and treat pets, including dogs, but sometimes when they try to do this they annoy and scare the dog, which may cause insecure behavior on his part. Here are some tips can help you deal with your dogs:

Dealing with the dog gently and not being used aggressively, as this will lead to a bad relationship between the doctor and the dog, which may create hostile behavior for the dog.

The doctor must approach the dog and spend some time with him before doing his examination, especially when he is providing treatment for him.

Giving the dog a sense of well-being and dealing with him in a manner that gives him comfort and safety and not getting angry or screaming when performing his treatment; Because that would scare him.

Not restricting the dog in an inappropriate manner, as some doctors resort to using force and restraint and prevent the dog from moving, which is uncomfortable and causes him panic and fear.

Avoid manipulating the dog in a confusing and uncomfortable way. In most cases, dogs are placed in a clumsy and inappropriate manner. The doctor must make the dog feel supported all the time rather than unbalanced.