Inspirational “delicious” films about a passion for cooking … will earn you additional kilos!

Inspirational “delicious” films about a passion for cooking … will earn you additional kilos!

Passion .. is the reason that helps me wake up every day to perform a large percentage of them are routine and boring.

Today, I will talk to you about a passion that touches the lives of each of us. Food is one of the important pleasures we have in life, the ability to cook and transform a few ordinary ingredients into a delicacy that not everyone gets. It needs talent in addition to passion.

So we’re going to talk about a set of movies that talked about a passion for art of cooking, all of which are fun, entertaining and cheerful, and certainly your mouth will watch while watching and you will stop it in one of the scenes to prepare for yourself a snack, and you may also gain a few additional kilograms:

The Hundred-Foot Journey

A film that combines the spices of the kitchen and the Indian cinema, the elegance of the kitchen and the French cinema. The film revolves around an Indian family that owns a popular folk restaurant, but it is burned and the mother is killed, which causes the father to leave India, and deport his extended family to Britain, whose coldness and fog kills the passion inside the family chef The first is after the mother “Hassan”, so they leave again to France, where their car breaks down near a small city, so the father considers this a sign of stability and the opening of an Indian restaurant.

But here the rules are changing from India a lot, on the other side of the street where he set up his restaurant, a famous French restaurant that has gained a star and a reputation across the country, and the reservation in it extends for months to come, a fierce competition begins between the Indian head of the family Om Puri who is characterized by lightness of faith and faith in his restaurant, The stylish French restaurant owner, Helen Mirren.

But that fierce competition and declared war did not prevent Hassan Manish Dayal’s passion for cooking, so he secretly begins to study French cooking methods, offering very special dishes that combine French and Indian cuisine.

The film is produced in 2014 and it is very fun and entertaining. Each of its heroes is really good at performing a tournament, and it is based on a novel with the same name, and was produced by Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Spielberg, and it was nominated for the Golden Globe Award, and besides the interesting dishes to consider, it provides soundtracks and songs that radiate fun. .


Another film, produced in 2014, revolves around Karl Casper (Jon Favreau), the chief chef of a famous restaurant, who will receive the restaurant that is run by one of the most important food critics, so he wants to present an innovative menu that dazzles and illustrates his skills, but the owner of the restaurant who plays (Dustin Hoffman) forces him to adhere to the regular menu that visitors prefer, and as a result the critic writes a biting article about the restaurant and the performance of the chef and is circulated on various social networking sites, the most important of which is Twitter.

Casper gets angry and sends a message to critics insulting him, but the message was posted on the Twitter account directly to the chef’s ignorance of how the site works, and thus social media sites are ignited on this topic, which ends with Karl leaving his work in the restaurant.

The depressed chef has floundered for a while, finding no acceptable restaurant to work in, in addition to his constant sense of guilt for neglecting his young son, but with encouragement from his ex-wife Molly (Sofía Vergara), he starts his own business and opens a mobile food cart that serves popular foods of delicious Cuban origin, and his son helps him spread His project on social media.

Here the film introduces us to the Cuban cuisine and music that ignites enthusiasm, and presents us with an interesting story of the downfall and rise of the talented chef, with an impressive side line that combines father and son, and in the film many stars appeared in small roles such as Dustin Hoffman in the role of the restaurant owner, and Robert Downey Jr. in the role of The ex-husband of Karl Casper’s ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson, plays his restaurant colleague.

Julie & Julia

We can’t talk about a passion for cooking without talking about the famous Julia & Jolie movie, starring talented beauty Meryl Streep, in which she was nominated for her Academy Award performance.

The film tells about the love of cooking that saved the lives of two women in two different times. The first was the famous chef Julia Child, who presented the great French cuisine to the American public. In the 1950s, Julia moved with her husband Paul Child (Stanley Tucci) to France, she felt lonely and bored, and decided to learn cooking The French took this passion to other levels, and decided to introduce her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

While in 2002 we meet Julie Powell, the woman who works on the phone line of Black September sufferers, does not find herself at work or with her friends, and moves with her husband to a new home, she feels that she is missing to control the reins of her life, and the only thing she can control is cooking, so It was decided to start a personal blog for her, with the challenge of executing the 524 recipes from a book by her idol Julia Child during a year.

For both Julia and Julie, cooking food was their lifeline, with support from the husband, and a willingness to continue. The 2009 film starred Merrill Strip as Julia, and Amy Adams as Julie, and whoever hasn’t seen it yet has lost so much already.


The 2007 animated film presented by Pixar and Walt Disney, which won the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe and BAFTA as the best animated film of that year.

The movie takes place in France, where we get to know Remy, who loves cooking, and his ideal is Chef Gusto, the owner of the famous restaurant, Remy rejects his reality as a food robbing mouse, and he enjoys a talent of taste and a true chef’s imagination, and as a result he separates from the herd after an accident and finds himself in front of Gusto Restaurant To begin his career as a chef.

The movie’s very fanciful idea was presented in a way that is very smooth, beautiful and perfect. The film director used two professional chefs from France and the United States to provide dishes as professionally as the truth, and the team traveled to Paris to get the inspiration.