What does it mean to be the world’s largest Apple? Apple is bigger than these things!

What does it mean to be the world’s largest Apple? Apple is bigger than these things!

It is no secret to everyone that “Apple – Apple” is one of the most famous and popular companies around the world. Apple products are synonymous with innovation and elegant design and comfortable user interfaces for millions of users. In 2012, Apple became the most valuable company globally, with a market value of $ 621 billion. Since then, Apple has not stopped growing and moving steadily on its upward curve at this point. In 2018, Apple became the first American public company to achieve an evaluation of ($ 1 trillion) in market value, joining the trillions club. , Making it the largest company in the world, by at least one metric. It is true that after that there was a slight decrease in the market value of the world’s largest technology giant to less than a trillion dollars, but it is undeniable that Apple is the most valuable in terms of financial evaluation.

What makes Apple successful?

Contrary to what is expected, Apple is not the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, but rather the most profitable. Its profit margins have exceeded 20% for more than a decade, and while their profits have declined in recent years, they are still much higher than their competitors. The result is a huge cash treasure, with Apple having more cash than most American industries combined, and even many countries.

Apple’s competitive advantage is not only due to innovation, superior design and marketing, it is also the result of its dominance in the consumer electronics supply chain, as a result of adopting an effectively closed system, which controls every part of the supply chain from design to retail.

This allows it to maintain more profitable activities in the home country, including design, finance, marketing and sales, while less profitable activities such as labor intensive are given to agents in developing countries, where wages, conditions and the work environment are often worse. Apple also imports most of its components from manufacturers in Asia. Without China, Apple would not have been the way it is today. No other country can provide cheap labor and manufacture its products so quickly.

Apple most valuable globally:

Returning to our conversation, about the arrival of Apple’s trillions club membership, after reaching its market value ($ 1.3 trillion), the question arises: How can Apple’s statistics be translated into the world?

The use of the word “trillion” may not help in visualizing the economic size of an entity. It is difficult to understand the financial value of this huge economic entity, except when the phrase (most valuable) is placed in the context of comparison with the values ​​of other giant entities. To put this astonishing figure ($ 1.3 trillion) in context, it is important to be clear about the very different meanings of “giant entities”.

This number ($ 1.3 trillion) exceeds the gross domestic product of most countries, the total value of shares on most exchanges around the world, the cost of World War I, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq war. Ironically, the iPhone maker is much more valuable than all the major mobile phone companies in the United States combined. This is not only dwarfing other companies, but also entire economies and markets.

Apple and a variety of other comparisons

The most valuable Apple company – the Trillions Club

Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of Macintosh in 1984. Today, it leads the world in innovation, earning trillions club membership. Now that the Trillions Club has reached the threshold, Apple is even bigger:

20.1 times greater than the net worth of the two richest drug dealers combined ($ 44.0 billion).

17.3 times greater than the market value of General Motors ($ 51.1 billion).

6.4 times larger than the Bitcoin currency market ($ 137.9 billion).

6.4 times larger than gross domestic product, adjusted for inflation, for the top 300 films ($ 138.5 billion).

4.9 times larger than the combined market value of Nike and Adidas ($ 182.2 billion).

3.8 times larger than the fully cryptocurrency market, including bitcoin, ($ 232.8 billion).

2.1 times larger than the market value of the Chinese company, Alibaba (416.2 billion dollars).

Two times larger than NASA’s budget since 1998, adjusted for inflation ($ 451.3 billion).

1.6 times greater than the combined market value of (AT&T – Verizon – T-Mobile – Sprint) combined ($ 559.3 billion).