Pizza between love and nutrition

Pizza between love and nutrition

Do you share my passion for pizza? Or are you afraid of your grace and do not want to lose it? Did you say about the person who invented the pizza: “What a gourmet!” Are you curious about its simple ingredients, asking: “How can they create all this wonderful flavor?” How can a hot bread pie with a delicious tomato sauce and melted cheese melt hearts with it and achieve all this global consensus on her love? If you happen and ask yourselves all these questions, and you want to know the history of the pizza, the reason for calling it like this, and what are the most famous restaurants that offer it and its impact on our health; So, read on with us reading this article lines, to discover all this and more.

History of pizza:

The origins of pizza are mainly from the people of the Mediterranean basin, such as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. This does not mean that they were its creators, but that they attended it in abundance and in a different way before the Italians; Where they cook a layer of dough on a hot stone and cover it with varieties of various ingredients such as meat and vegetables. Italian soldiers are said to have transported it to Italy with the addition of tomato sauce and mozzarella, to be transported by Italian immigrants to America.

The historian “Cato the Great” author of the book “The History of Rome” in the third century BC mentioned dishes similar to the pizza covered with olives, vegetables and spices, and wrote “Virgil” after about 200 years in the book of the Iliad on food similar to pizza. Scientists in Pompeii also found cooking tools to make these foods in 72 AD before the eruption of Vesuvius.

Some of the most popular types of pizza are:

1. Lazio Pizza:

Although the Italian city of Naples is known for making delicious pizza, a food historian said that its origins date back to the Lazio region of Italy, not Naples.

The researcher, “Giuseppe Noka”, said that the origin of the word “pizza” was found in church records in some cities, including the cities of Jetta and Lazio. Where it was found in the form of part of the lease contracts that were written in the dark ages in 977 AD. The documents say that 12 pieces of pizza had to be delivered to the bishop on Christmas and Easter, in the form of payments for the use of the land on which a local mill was built; It is customary to pay 12 pieces of pizza and a piece of meat in Christmas, and pay 12 pieces of pizza and a pair of chicken on Easter.

2. Pizza Napoli:

Giuseppe stated to the newspaper “La Repubblica”: “Although the documents were written in Latin, the text explicitly mentions the word pizza in the phrase” Do duodecim pizzas “, so the word pizza is one of the first words of the Italian general language. There are many tales The historical city of Naples, which shows the great relationship between the city and the food of choice in all countries of the world, but all these tales appeared in the millennium that followed the writing of these documents.

In 1870, Margarita, the wife of King Umberto I, was honored during her visit to Naples by presenting a pizza that mixed red from tomato, white from cheese and green from basil; To represent the national flag of a unified Italy, the pizza was prepared by the owner of the “Pizza de Pietro” restaurant, which was called “Rafaeli Esposito”, and the queen of Italy “Margarita” liked that method a lot, and after that he named it “Esposito Pizza Margarita” in her honor. And this restaurant is still present in Italy to this day.

The pizza industry in Naples:

Naples Pizza

Since then, the city of Naples has been making pizza in its own way. In 2008, Real Pizza and the Association of Neapolitan Pizza-makers sent an invitation to the European Union to implement regulations to introduce people to the original Napoli pizza. Where experts say it is necessary to contain the original Margarita pizza from Naples, and 150 calories per 100 g, and a specified amount of tomatoes, mozzarella and salt. The laws also stipulated that it should be baked in a wood-burning oven at 485 ° C.

The first “pizza” restaurant in the world:

The first pizzeria in the world dates back to 1738, and it is no wonder that it is located in Italy, which is the country of pizza.

But the strange thing is that this restaurant is still operating today and offers its customers the best types of pizza. The restaurant is called “Antica Pizzeria Port Alba” and was launched from the southern Italian city of Naples.

The 8 most famous places for pizza lovers in the world:

The pizza has become a fine for young and old, so it is important to know the most famous restaurants that create it around the world:

1. Naples (Italy):

Naples tops the list of the best cities in the world for making and cooking pizza; Simply because it is the birthplace of the pizza and its original origin. The most famous pizzeria in Naples are “Da Michele” and “Pizzaiolo del Presidente” so you should be sure to experience the unique taste of pizza through these two restaurants when you visit the city of Naples.

2. Edmonton (Canada):

Edmonton has been placed under the spotlight as one of the world’s best pizza stops according to the latest rankings, located in Canada’s Western Alberta Province. It is also famous for its historical monuments, and it is distinguished by a group of unique pizza restaurants such as: “Rosso Pizzeria”, “Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria” and “Tony’s Pizza Place” that serve pizza brilliantly and distinguished.

3. Las Vegas (America):

Regardless of the popularity of Las Vegas as an international center for casinos and shopping malls, it is well known for its high-class pizzeria restaurants such as “Pizza Rock” and “Broadway Pizza”.