Best cooking apps and recipes for Android and iOS phones

Best cooking apps and recipes for Android and iOS phones

Cooking is one of the most important household activities that many people have to learn in addition to some who enjoy it, despite the fact that there are many options for ordering food from abroad with ease, many people still prefer to rely on themselves when it comes to preparing food.

Previously, before the spread of smartphones, the topic of searching for the right recipe was confusing for many people, but now cooking applications available on smartphones have become the perfect option to search for the appropriate recipe that you want to prepare.

Smartphones provide a lot of different cooking applications, features and features, where people’s tastes and their ability to spend on preparing food vary greatly from person to person, in addition to the presence of a lot of allergic conditions in some in a way that makes searching for a recipe that does not cause allergic reactions in some of its components difficult some The thing.

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Best cooking apps and recipes

We’ll provide a simple explanation of the range of cooking apps available on IOS and Android.

Yummly application

Yummly contains over two million recipes by providing the contents of the other famous food recipe sites like AllRecipes, Food52 and many more. The application gives you a lot of search options, where in the event that you are vegetarian or sensitive to a component you can exclude any of these recipes that may not suit you. Yummly also provides a step-by-step way to create recipes in addition to containing videos to help out.

This application also has a special window for recipes that may suit you, and it suggests recipes within it based on the evaluations and the searches that you make. You can also easily add all the ingredients of the recipe you want to prepare to a special shopping list. You can download Yummly for free from the Google Play Store here or from the App Store here.

Mealime application

Having the right ingredients in your house is the main thing that determines which recipe you can prepare, and this is what Mealime will help you with by creating a list of ingredients you need for the recipes that you choose to prepare this week, for example. Mealime is one of the best cooking applications that suit all categories, tastes and material capabilities, as the application provides many classifications and search options that enable you to find recipes that are easier to prepare or less expensive or any other classification of recipes that suit you.

The app suggests new recipes based on what you’ve searched for or liked similarly to Yummly. The application is available for free download but contains some features that require a paid subscription such as some exclusive recipes that are added on a weekly basis, view a list of recipes that you have previously prepared, options in the search to determine the amount of calories you want and many more. You can download the application from the Google Play Store here or from the App Store from here.

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Tastely application

Tastely is one of the best cooking apps available on smartphones, as it contains more than 170 thousand different recipes that include many foods for the three main meals in addition to fast food, healthy foods and desserts.

You can search for any recipe you want through this application with ease thanks to the excellent search tool that it provides, as it allows you to search for recipes specific to your region, in addition to the ability to save your favorite recipes in a special list for that so that you will not have to search for them every time.

Tastely provides a small social network that allows you to share your own recipe with the rest of the users, in addition to the ability to evaluate other recipes and display the ratings of other users with ease. This app is malfunctioning with some ads and sometimes some problems connecting to its servers. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store here or from the App Store from here.

SideChef app

Despite the small number of recipes it contains, it is considered one of the best cooking applications that may be suitable for professionals and beginners in cooking alike. As food recipes inside the application contain a complete guide for how to prepare them step by step, in addition to the availability of videos, audio clips and pictures with some recipes so that it is easy for beginners to prepare the recipe that they want.

SideChef includes a lot of search options where you can choose any type of recipe and diet that suit you, such as low-carb and vegetarian recipes and many more. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store or from the App Store. The app contains a paid SideChef Plus subscription that provides some exclusive recipes from famous chefs.