Commercials during the Corona Crisis: International companies working to alleviate Covid-19

Commercials during the Corona Crisis: International companies working to alleviate Covid-19

Individuals around the world take precautions and measures to combat the coronary Coronavirus, including activating social divergence measures alongside the start of a health isolation period .. Amid all that, many commercial companies during the Corona crisis are doing their best to lend a helping hand, after reactions have varied On the part of major international brands, including the messages it transmitted through its commercials, from showing the impact of their products on the lives of consumers to providing assistance, advice and spreading reassurance to alleviate the crisis of Covid-19.

With the extension of the global closure period and the economy entering a state of severe stagnation, as the Coruna outbreak caused losses to the global economy estimated at 50 billion dollars, while everyone fears infection with the virus or the loss of their jobs; Attention is drawn to the ways in which brands respond to the Coronavirus crisis.

Commercial firms during the Corona crisis:

Managing a marketing campaign during a global pandemic can be difficult, but during this current crisis there are many examples of commercial companies trying to help keep their communities safe or support people who suddenly become unemployed or try to spread reassurance and no panic. In addition to all that is in the interest of commercial business and the popularity of its brands, it is natural for people to remember the commercial companies that were with them and them during the crisis.

Here is a quick look and a few special examples of how commercial companies and major brands have worked in their advertising campaigns. To inform the public, educate them, and alleviate the impact of the Corona Virus crisis on them, while at the same time demonstrating the extent to which brands have kept their promises previously after the world is in the grip of a deadly pandemic.

The most important commercial advertisements that sought to alleviate the crisis


Among the most prominent commercial companies that have recognized that it is now necessary, and more than ever, to reach the public with relevant messages in a timely manner., And to address their growing concerns about their health during the outbreak of the Corona virus, it was “McDonald’s – Philippines”, which announced a group New measures they take, such as: temperature checks for staff before and after delivery of orders.

“We will not hesitate to cancel any customer activity or even temporarily close any of our restaurants,” said President and CEO of Customer Affairs in McDonald’s – Philippines, by broadcasting a promotional video.

And at the same time as “McDonald’s” is preparing to reopen its restaurants in the United States, as well as the chain’s branches around the world, which were previously closed during the pandemic, the company is cooperating with commercial franchisees to make changes (50 internal processes) to prevent the spread of Covid-19 will ensure the safety of employees and customers, including: health safety checks, installation of protective barriers, marking of personal spacing, provision of temperature sensors for restaurants, and allocation of waiting areas to separate customers.


As a prestigious brand that has existed for more than a century, and as part of its commitment to mitigate Corona, Ford’s head of content marketing in the United States said: “117 years of working with flexibility has taught us that we will go beyond this. But it is a critical period that requires action and cooperation. ”

After the company “Ford” supported its customers who face financial difficulties through the program of facilitating payment and credit, as well as it broadcast an announcement to explain how the company faced in the past global crises, by building military equipment during World War II.

The company is currently working to expand its activity in manufacturing missing medical equipment globally, due to the increased demand for it and the shortage of supply, such as: the production of clothes and medical full-face masks from the materials used in the manufacture of the airbags for her cars, and respirators powered by electric batteries.


While the presence in domestic isolation with the activation of social divergence causes feelings of depression and frustration for many, Ikea – Spain saw it as an appropriate opportunity to change the negative perception of the concept of staying at home, by providing a different view of the consequences of the Corona crisis, and making the home stone a place through which Have many new experiences together. By broadcasting an ad that aims to remind customers of the household activities they created in a family atmosphere filled with intimacy during the social spacing period, such as: playing with children, dancing, music, or just relaxing with the family, Ikea always introduces the concept of home comfort in its campaigns Preacher, as the largest furniture manufacturers in the world.

In the same context, “Ikea” announced that it has entered into the manufacture of tools to protect against the Corona virus, such as clothing and medical masks; In order to help alleviate the global pandemic.

Successful driving does not require impossible specifications .. only a few steps and attributes!

What is the secret of successful driving? Are there certain characteristics that a leader is born with? What are the characteristics of a successful leader? Can I really become a leader? What is the difference between the leader and the manager? And other questions that many ask about, which motivates us today to know the secret of successful leadership that contributes to motivating and training employees and developing their capabilities in order to achieve the goals of the institution in addition to finding radical solutions to problems.

Things that guarantee successful driving

Many wonder about the secret of successful leadership and surprise that there is no secret behind successful leadership, but there are several features of a successful leader, which we will get to know.

Successful leadership requires planning

Numerous studies say that planning requires 80% of a leader’s time while implementation 20% so that he leaves no way to chance, and that happens when you take advantage of all his capabilities and develop a realistic time plan in order to reach the best results in a timely manner.


The leader always works to organize his priorities, goals, time and distribute tasks according to each person’s abilities to organize his papers and office so that he can accomplish many tasks at specified times with ease.

Good example

A successful leader will set an example for employees in various professional or personal aspects. If the team feels that you are one of them, it will be easy to follow you and it will not detract from you or your dignity, but rather will increase your love and standing.

Strength of Personality

One of the most prominent qualities of a successful leader is the strength of personality and self-confidence in addition to self-esteem, stability and calm, and we do not mean cruelty or nervousness until the employees follow you, but we mean that you are fair and trusted to your team, and you are able to make the right decision even if it conflicts with his personal interest or whims.