Under your leadership, make your team a powerful force

Under your leadership, make your team a powerful force

Actually, leading a team is never easy! Because if you assume this responsibility, you bear the responsibility of your entire team and not your individual responsibility, so there should not be a gap between what must be done and your vision because the difference here will cause the greatest losses.

Make sure it’s really a team

Being a president doesn’t mean everyone is a team dunk! Coherent work requires that they depend on each other and cooperate with each other and this is what makes them a team.

To foster true and true group behavior, you need to ensure that the work they do requires cooperative behavior.

Determine the role of each individual

Once you know that it is an interconnected team, you should look for what the team will do. The best ways to lead are what determine the overall goal of a team, its rights to make decisions, and the value it will create for the organization that you lead, and these pre-planned rules are essential to success. Without this, your team will get stuck and roam without a clear goal.

Find ways to say “I’m interested in you.”

Not necessarily saying the same words (although this is very good!), But it is important that we freely express our love and respect for each other. The mutual respect that you need among your team members greatly influences the determination of your team’s strength, especially how responsive it is during setbacks or unexpected challenges. If humble relationships allowed to fester, that team would be weakened. Of course, you cannot impose “love”, mutual respect, and friendship, but you can design it, and you can reinforce it when you see it. Accept that it will take some time (sometimes years).

Be affectionate, but be decisive

Sacking the people who report to you and work hard is one of the hardest things a leader must do, but if you leave substandard and underperforming, you are such a tough act on performance for the rest of the team. The truth is that, especially as work evolves and tasks change, some people are unable to adapt or contribute as needed. So do not ignore this when it happens and act immediately.

Do not create wrong equality

One of the worst mistakes that leaders make, under the guise of creating a sense of integration, is to make the team feel “equal”. That’s right! Equality is important and necessary. But everyone knows that equality is not real when it comes to the importance of a particular job, the level of performance for a job that requires experienced professionals, or the relative importance of projects. Acknowledgment that not all work or talents are equal, and therefore resources and rewards are different, is straightforward, liberal, and error-prone.

Create affiliation in every direction

Team cohesion is a vital component of high performance. If you create a cohesive team, the team will belong “to you” in the end, and team members also need to belong to each other. A sense of belonging occurs when people do not feel they need to self-adjust, hide themselves or guard. They trust their motivation and colleagues, and they profoundly believe they have a “back-up standing by them in a time of crisis,” as a leader you can foster this well among your team.

End collusion immediately

One of the inevitable side effects of preparing a strong team is the moments when collusion. Gossip and others are cancer and a time bomb, and as a leader you may not realize this disaster until it is too late and this is another disaster in itself. So the moment you tell your team that you will not tolerate one of those things, its members will ascend to a more mature and open degree with each other and with you definitely.

Tell different success stories for your team

Your team’s story (the story of your company or industry) is definitely the same as many others. These stories help clarify wider perspectives, keep us in touch with a larger task and focus on the effect we can finally achieve. During arduous seasons, or difficult setbacks, staying in touch with these stimulating stories creates resilience and a dose of optimism that will surely cause flags of hope to rise.

In the end

Everyone should know that team leadership is one of the most difficult challenges facing every leader. But by following some or all of the previous advice, you will be on a solid and smooth path through which you can achieve the highest returns and successes with your distinguished team and under your leadership and wisdom.