How Much do Instacart Shoppers Make

How Much do Instacart Shoppers Make
How Much do Instacart Shoppers Make

How much will Instacart pay in 2020? Disclosure of Instacart’s compensation structure

As an Instacart driver, you make money running. But how much does Instacart pay? What costs and expenses should you know? Read our guide below to find out and register to buy today.
In the ever-changing world of supermarket deliveries, Instacart, the industry leader, has become a favorite among drivers across the country. In a world full of concert opportunities, it takes a long time to stand out from the crowd, and that’s exactly what the company did.
Like the model from Shipt, the main competitor in the field of shopping delivery, Instacart drivers make money by delivering purchases to customers. Instacart offers the opportunity to earn additional money through flexible schedules and suggestions. Compared to the minimum wage and part-time work, this wage is comparable or even higher and offers more freedom and autonomy.
But how much does Instacart pay? And what costs should you know? We aim to answer these questions by examining all available data on the amount of revenue for Instacart drivers and the amounts they are likely to spend on work-related expenses.
Sounds like something you want? You can register as a customer and earn money on your terms.

Presentation of the delivery sector.

A major challenge when comparing wages from different delivery platforms is that it is very difficult to find information about hourly wages for independent contractors. Not only is it difficult to find out, but the amount drivers can earn largely depends on the number of hours worked, the location of the supermarket they are driving, and the moment they are driving. This applies to all delivery services, including DoorDash and Shipt.
Sure, some platforms come out saying you can make “X” dollars an hour, but in many cases, delivery platforms avoid giving numbers. It makes sense: Why should a delivery service deliver a subjective base salary figure that is difficult for many buyers and drivers to find?
Once, Instacart announced an hourly wage of $ 25 and eventually turned to its customers while its buyers expressed their dissatisfaction on the Internet and in the media. We suspect that other services have noticed and removed any complaints from your website.

Buyer versus driver: two types of Instacart activity

If you asked “How much does Instacart pay?” Answer, first ask yourself whether you want to work with the customer or the driver.
These two functions can be performed by the same person who is referred to as a full service buyer. This is usually the case in markets where demand and orders are weak. However, over time and as the company rapidly increases the number of orders and customers, they become two separate roles.

If these jobs are different, there is one person who does the shopping (also known as the buyer) and another person who drives (known as the driver). Two separate tasks for each person make the business delivery process to the customer efficient and easy. Shoppers can spend more time shopping, just as drivers can spend more time driving.
Instacart’s work is also very flexible. If a shop buyer has not received orders from a driver, he can also buy and prepare orders for pick-up on the sidewalk. This job is useful for customers, as some do not like to wait for the driver to come home, but they can stop in business quickly without having to travel.

What does Instacart cost?

The exact hourly wage for Instacart drivers is difficult to predict. The company does not release official data on contractor wages but does announce that drivers can earn up to $ 25 an hour at peak times.
In practice, however, drivers rarely reach $ 25. According to users on, Instacart full-service buyers now earn an average of between $ 7 and $ 20 an hour, an average of $ 11 now., another popular racing and leaderboard site, reports that Instacart buyers get around $ 17 an hour. 45% of them have publicly stated that they are not satisfied with the amount paid when working with Instacart. Note that this number only comes from 46 notes and is therefore not statistically correct. But … there is a good idea of ​​compensation.
There is currently no “hourly guarantee” like offering rides and other delivery services. This means that you have to work for a big change in hourly earnings when you work for the service.
In theory, however, you can do what you want in this model.

Income potential

The focus on the Instacart unit is consistently on conveying the advantages of driving for services such as flexible working hours on request, a mobile workplace and setting your own schedules, as well as the display of the pink picture, in order to “earn a lot of additional money if necessary”. and leave the limits in the hands of the drivers. If you have to earn a higher salary, it’s up to you.
This includes driving in the busiest hours, which are paid more regularly than in other periods, using the most rewards and incentives offered, and understanding the problem areas or specific businesses in your city that have the most requests.
You will clearly complete a certain monthly amount. Let’s face it, you won’t run a concert business and make millions. However, you are in control to create more different controllers.
Although the exact algorithm with which Instacart calculates driver compensation is unknown, we know that drivers earn more from deliveries when demand is high. In times of high demand for orders, Instacart charges customers additional service costs for “occupied prices”. This ensures that the pilot offer corresponds to the number of open orders. As a driver, you can maximize your income by taking orders at peak times such as nights and weekends.

However, the first way to increase driver sales is a tip. The suggestions are the ones that can increase your hourly income significantly above the base rate set by Instacart. Make sure you provide the best customer service possible to maximize your chances of tipping. Follow the customer’s instructions carefully, deliver orders on time and be friendly. Paying attention to these details can significantly improve your advice.

Instacart payment option for buyers and drivers.

Instacart buyers and drivers are paid based on a number of factors, including the number of items in each order they fulfill, the distance from the store to the customer’s shipping address, the incentives available during delivery, and generous advice. Customers. The algorithm changes frequently and no one knows exactly how the payment is calculated.
In the past, Instacart paid drivers and buyers fixed delivery costs. However, when they decided to consider large purchases and heavy items like soda and water boxes, the company found that this would no longer work. Hence the change, which focuses more on the above variables to improve payments and make them fairer for buyers.
In fact, Instacart changed the total amount of its payment last year. The aim was to attract and retain buyers and drivers through a well-paid payment structure, which was also appropriate for the company. After the changes, we believe the changes will apply to both sides of the table.
The main changes to the new payment structure are as follows:
• Instacart now pays buyers 100% of the suggestions they receive for deliveries. This is independent of the basic remuneration of a customer
Instacart has raised the minimum that a buyer earns with a group payment
Now let’s look at some factors that have a big impact on how Instacart pays contractors.

The minimum payment per lot

Instacart buyers receive a minimum amount for each “lot” or order they complete. This amount was previously $ 3, but after a PR problem with changing the payment structure, the company increased the number of batch payments between $ 7 and $ 10.
Full-service packages cost between $ 7 and $ 10, while delivery-only packages cost $ 5. Tips are not included in the minimum batch payment, so buyers and delivery drivers can make even more money each time you choose to work.


Unlike many other delivery service employees, Instacart buyers can keep 100% of the suggestions they get while driving and delivering the service. The company has struggled with workers in the past, but now they play well.
Instacart customers are asked to tip each time they place an order. After payment, a message is displayed that automatically calculates a tip for the driver based on the size of the order. You can increase or decrease the amount, but many customers just keep it. The notice also explains that drivers follow 100% of their advice.

After Instacart introduced the automatic failover function, we received a lot of positive comments from buyers and drivers. Overall, the feedback has been positive and many have reported that their suggestions have increased due to functionality. This is largely due to the virtual elimination of zero orders, but not everything goes in the right direction.

Bonus Instacart

Instacart rewards its main customers in the form of bonuses, which they refer to as peak boost and quality bonuses. These incentives are a great way to attract employees, but mostly to keep them on the platform. The more satisfied the platform buyers are, the better the customer service.
Quality bonuses are a $ 3 incentive for buyers who receive 5-star customer ratings. Many buyers do not meet these criteria, but those who want to win again.
The peak increase bonus is another additional payment that drivers receive while driving in times of high demand. This is the supermarket that corresponds to the price of the Uber increase.
In addition to bonuses and incentives, tips make up the majority of the additional payments.

Pilot costs from Instacart

Working as an Instacart customer offers many advantages, including flexible working hours, active work and the opportunity to get advice. However, when you sign up for the Shopper app, the work for you also means that you are responsible for the additional costs and considerations that you don’t have to worry about in a full-time job.
As an Instacart customer, you are an independent contractor. This means that you have to cover all expenses and pay your taxes. For this reason, Instacart hourly wages are not the final amount payable after taxes. Let’s take a look at some general expenses you have as an Instacart delivery driver:

  1. Gas: Gas prices vary widely across the United States, and according to GasBuddy, at the time of publication, the average price was $ 2.63 per gallon in Mississippi to $ 3.72 per gallon in California.
  2. Auto Insurance: The average annual cost of auto insurance is $ 907.38 per year, according to a 2014 study by Quadrant Information Services. This number can vary widely, but in some countries it averages $ 2,500 a year.
  3. Car Payment: In 2017, the average car payment for a new vehicle was $ 479 per month. This can actually reduce your income, although this amount may vary (or may even be small when the used car is refunded).
  4. Vehicle maintenance: is a new tire required? Transmission oil low? Broken wiper? As an independent contractor, you are responsible for covering these costs, just as if you had used your vehicle for regular driving. According to the AAA, the average cost of repairs, maintenance, and tires for a new car is $ 99 a month. You may have to spend a few hundred dollars on a repair each. So put your weekly measures aside to cover this.
  5. Registration and Vehicle Taxes – They vary from state to state, but are typically less than $ 100. You have to pay these taxes if you own a car. However, since you use the car for work, you should always think about it.
  6. Taxes: Taxes are expenses that many independent contractors ignore. This can be an unpleasant surprise when the tax period expires because you are responsible for paying the required federal and state taxes on the money you earn by sending it to Instacart.
    Your income tax on Instacart won’t be very high as most drivers charge around $ 11 an hour, but you still have to set aside part of the money you earn weekly to cover it. For more information, see our full 2020 Self-Employed Tax Guide.

Although these expenses are increasing, there is a consolation to consider. As an independent contractor, you can pay certain shipping costs related to the business when you register your taxes.
In particular, you can redeem the miles covered for deliveries. For 2020, the tax is approximately $ 0.58 per mile, which is for commercial purposes. The tax guide mentioned above provides more details on the possible deductions.

frequently asked Questions

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Instacart Pay.
Can you make a lot of money with Instacart?
If you know the best time to work with Instacart, you can definitely make a lot of money by shopping in the supermarket or driving with the app. Thanks to the process and technology used by Instacart, payments are transparent, automatic and reach your account quickly. Some buyers are
Who pays for purchases from Instacart?
Instacart buyers pay for orders with a credit or debit card issued by the company. You don’t have to set up your own money to pay for orders.
At the time of payment, the customer flips through the card issued during the orientation and signs the transaction as soon as the payment has been made.
Does Instacart pay if there are no orders?
No If an order is not available, the company does not pay its contractors for delivery times. The show is only on request, which means they don’t pay for downtime.

Earn what you say

We hope this article has helped you understand what to expect as an Instacart driver and what costs you need to know.
After all, it is up to you to decide whether you want to deliver to Instacart. If you are not satisfied with this payment percentage, you can select additional part-time jobs in the delivery area.
You can also study other jobs like Uber and Lyft, which also offer the opportunity to earn extra money. In any case, you can definitely earn more than the minimum wage in almost every economy class job you participate in.
For more information on getting started with Instacart, see our guide to becoming an Instacart driver.

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