Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

While all dogs are best friends, some are more charming than others. However, when it comes to functional intelligence (i.e. the following commands), some types differ from the package. After interviewing nearly 200 dog obedience judges, psychologist Stanley Coren named these breeds the best in the group in his book The Intelligence of Dogs.

And if you’re curious, we’ve answered some common dog IQ questions that can take your breath away:

What makes a dog “smart”?

Coren assessed race intelligence based on instinct, obedience, and adaptability. But Sarah Hodgson, a pet behavior specialist, says everything is relative. “Some are socially and emotionally dependent on people, which makes them easier to train and more sensitive to our vision of what to do,” he says. “But they have little intelligence.”

An example is a dog, because although they are not receptive, they have a superior sense of sight and smell. Likewise, caves cannot guide well, but they have excellent hearing.

Do dogs have an IQ?

Not exactly. As Hodgson explained, “IQ” really depends on the quality you see. In Coren’s book, you can ask your dog to do an IQ test that he created based on his analysis.

Are big dogs smarter than small dogs?

This has not been confirmed as a fact, but research suggests that large dogs may be smarter. If you look at this list, you will find that the only pup is the butterfly. Coren recently raised this question in a Psychology Today article entitled “Are Big Dogs Smarter Than Small Dogs?” Posed.

In a study earlier this year, Coren said, “The data were obtained from 1,888 dogs and the results were clear. There was a clear trend that indicated that larger dogs could remember more carefully than their smaller colleagues over a longer period of time . “

However, keep in mind that some dogs have been bred for special characteristics, e.g. B. because they are calm and not confrontational. Hodgson adds that many small races come from larger races and therefore have similar units, instincts and yes.

Now let’s talk about our best friends. According to Coren, these are the smartest dog breeds:

1. Border Collie

order Collie
Border Collie (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

These shepherds, who were supporters of the dog world, came first in the rankings of the Stanley Coren secret services, which means that most can learn a new command in less than five seconds and follow it at least 95% of the time.

The Border Collie is often considered the smartest of all dogs and the best in the dog world. If most dogs have the intelligence of an average two-year-old boy, a border collie may be as intelligent as a three-year-old or older!

Border Collie was originally bred as a German Shepherd and can do almost any job you can give it. The Border Collie is extremely energetic, sporty and motivated and always ready to learn something new. If you don’t keep them moving and working, they can become destructive at home.

2. Poodle

Poodle : Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Poodle (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

Today you can hug cockapoo, noodles and gold endoodles to name a few, but breeders love old ordinary poodles because of their hypoallergenic properties. The cute curly girls also won the silver medal for intelligence work in Coren’s quest.

Despite its imaginative or even “primitive” appearance, the poodle is a very intelligent dog. Toy, miniature or standard size, this breed has some of the best dog brains.

The poodle comes from a hunting dog and is still a hard worker and a loyal companion. Poodles are often considered successful animals, especially smaller ones. You can teach a poodle to balance on a ball, jump in a circle, or perform a number of other actions.

3. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
German Shepherd Dog (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

German shepherds like to serve as police dogs and see guide dogs, medical assistance dogs and therapy dogs. It is therefore not surprising that consistent obedience is standard in this breed.

The German Shepherd is a loyal and protective breed that has so much energy and intelligence that it sometimes appears nervous or fearful. German shepherds thrive when they get important work. Something as simple as “monitoring and protecting” children gives GSD a purpose. This breed needs a lot of mental stimulation and movement to thrive.

German shepherd dogs often work with police or military operations. You can learn most of the actions in just a few steps. After the training, the German shepherds do what you ask for and then look for the next task.

The Belgian Malinois, which also resembles a German shepherd, is also an intelligent and energetic dog breed.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
Golden Retriever (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

It’s true. One of the nation’s most popular pets also earned A in this intelligence investigation. Although the breed comes from hunting, Goldens also like to act as a lumberjack from time to time.

Originally from Scotland, this famous dog breed started in 1865 with a lone yellow puppy in a litter of black corrugated cardboard retrievers that were crossed with a local Spaniel from Lord Tweedmouth of Guisachan.

This beautiful and friendly dog is always characterized by relaxation, flexibility and obedience as well as service dogs. But his favorite job is the pet. Americans love this dog breed because they are very trainable and have a loving personality.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
Doberman Pinscher (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

Dobermans made its debut in the late 19th century when a German tax collector named Louis Dobermann wanted a medium-sized pet to act as a watchdog and companion. Translation: These brave protectors can cling to children.

The Doberman Pinscher was originally bred by a German tax collector to protect his shots. During World War II, they were trained to monitor sleeping troops, guide soldiers through the jungle, and bark when enemies were nearby.

Modern Dobermans are much less aggressive and wonderful family dogs who like to play. Muscle building companies are known for their loyalty and courage and are among the best known guard dogs.

6. Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
Shetland sheepdog (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

These adorable fur balls are smaller than collies and can stand the test of breeding, agility and obedience. As a result, animal shelters tend to bark, hunt and push, but their loving nature and love of hugs will eliminate any resentment.

The Shetland Shepherd is smarter than we originally thought. In fact, the breed is sometimes judged from a distance. Sheltie can be calm and elegant, energetic and playful. Independently and wisely, this German Shepherd always controls its surroundings in order to learn or to wait for your signal.

Shelties can read people very well and easily understand the behavior they expect. Shelties are closely related to their owners and extremely sensitive to training. Collie, a close relative of Sheltie, has a similar level of intelligence.

7. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
Labrador Retriever (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

Laboratories love to please, both as guide dogs and as addicts or as everyday pets. Therefore, the Americans have made it the country’s most popular breed for 27 years in a row.

The Labrador Retriever, the most popular dog breed in the United States, owes its name to the cold water off the coast of Newfoundland, where it was first bred. Short and thick fur, networked legs and a heavy tail help this intelligent dog swim long distances in cold water.

In addition to their hunting skills, laboratories are popular favorites for dog water rescue, therapeutic work, and service dog training. Laboratories are characterized by dog ​​jumping.

8. Papillon

Papillon (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
Papillon (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

Butterflies that are among the top 10 as the first toy breed are not your average small dog. According to the American Kennel Club, 5-pound miracles often win the best prices at home in competitive agility tests. The French name for “butterfly” refers to its high, pointed ears.

Don’t be fooled by the delicate butterfly frame. It is more than a racing dog. In fact, the butterfly is one of the smartest toy breeds. These puppies are friendly, attentive and active.

The butterfly may curl up a bit in your lap, but in no time you will be looking for something interesting. Like many small dogs, the butterfly has a fairly stubborn streak. However, if you make the training interesting (with valuable rewards), the dog learns quickly. Teach this cute puppy a variety of fun tricks and you can amaze your friends.

9. Rottweiler

Rottweiler (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
Rottweiler (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

Rottweiler probably came from predatory dogs in ancient Rome, with the robust and reliable temperament. A busy Rottweiler owner takes care of training and fully practicing your dog with the reward of a loving and loyal friend.

The Rottweiler is one of those dogs who really know how to read people by studying body language and facial features. This breed can show a different aspect of their personality depending on their trust in a person. The typical Rottweiler has a loving and playful side that is shown to trusted family members and a stoic and controlled side that is shown to strangers.

The broken can train easily once they have gained their confidence and overcome their stubborn ways. Rottweiler can learn to perform many actions and always monitor the area to make sure everyone is safe.

10. Australian cattle dog

Australian cattle dog  (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)
Australian cattle dog (Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds)

The Australian cattle dog is in the top 50 of AKC popularity, but don’t miss this clever breed. Attentive, curious, and approachable, energetic shepherds improve at work.

Australian Cattle Dog is an extremely concentrated and trained dog breed that has a close relationship with its owner. This dog was bred in a herd of cattle and prefers to do a job. Without stimulation, you can find ways to stay busy that you don’t like (destructive behavior or walking around to explore).

Treat your Australian cattle dog well and you will be a friend for life. These dogs stay close to their owners and make sure everything goes well. Like most intelligent dogs, they can read people very well and are often able to anticipate their next step.

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