Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat


The Norwegian Forest  Cat is native to Norway, with a history going again loads and perhaps heaps of years. He figures in fairy testimonies and legends, one being that the Norse goddess Freya’s chariot is pulled with the aid of six massive cats. Wherein or how the cats originated remains a mystery. They will be the descendants of longhaired cats from Turkey, brought back from Byzantium by way of Scandinavian warriors who served the Byzantine Empire, or they’ll be associated with the Siberian cat from Russia. They may have been Viking booty, or they may certainly have been the end result of natural choice: shorthaired cats whose adaptations to the tough, close to-Arctic weather produced descendants with woolly undercoats and lengthy topcoats that shed water comfortably.

For centuries, the skogcatt—a Norwegian phrase that interprets as “forest cat”—survived by way of his wits or presented his services as a mouser to farmers and housewives in trade for refuge in barns, stables or houses. In 1938, the cats had been exhibited at a show in Oslo, however international struggle II interrupted any plans for growing them as a breed. Thankfully, they survived the battle, just barely, but there had been nonetheless some difficult decades in advance and little was carried out with them till the 1970s. In 1977, they were ultimately registered as a breed with Europe’s Federation Internationale pussycat. Years later, a pair of NFCs was exported to the USA for the first time. The breed has due to the fact comes to be famous in Europe and the U.S.


Those are massive cats. Males can weigh thirteen to 22 kilos or more, with girls fairly smaller. The Wedgie matures slowly and isn’t full-grown till 5 years of age.


The gentle and friendly Norwegian forest Cat—Wedgie, for short—is keen on family contributors but does no longer demand regular interest and petting. He is happy to be inside the equal room with people and could entertain himself if no person is home. Even though he appreciates the human company, he can be a bit reserved with site visitors. Even with a circle of relatives, he’s not lots of a lap cat, however a pleasing scritch between the ears or beneath the chin is continually welcome, and he’ll commonly reciprocate with a pleasing head butt or cheek rub. He communicates with traditional Scandinavian restraint. His quiet voice is hired best whilst he desires something—dinner on time, possibly—and rises most effectively if he is neglected.

No longer fairly, this huge and athletic cat is a climber. You may frequently discover him at the best point he can reach within the domestic, and not like a few cats, he doesn’t have any qualms approximately descending timber or other heights headfirst. Way to his heritage as a desert and farm cat, no longer to mention his mackintosh, the Wedgie thinks nothing of fishing in a frame of water for a nice meal. Aquarium and koi pond denizens, watch out! Whilst he loves the outside, he is content to live quietly in a home.

This is a smart, independent cat who learns quickly and has an alert nature. He loves to play and thrives with a busy family that loves him.


Both pedigreed cats and combined-breed cats have varying incidences of fitness troubles that may be genetic in nature. Norwegian Forest Cats are usually wholesome, with a protracted lifestyle span of 14 to 16 years. The following diseases had been seen in the breed:

  • Glycogen garage disease IV, a rare heritable circumstance that affects the metabolism of glucose. Most kittens with the disease are stillborn or die within a few hours of delivery, but occasionally a kitten will no longer show signs and symptoms till approximately five months of age and usually die inside a few months. A DNA take a look at is available which could identify affected and carrier cats.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a form of heart sickness this is inherited in some cat breeds which includes the Maine Coon. Heritability has no longer been proven in the Norwegian woodland Cat.
  • Polycystic kidney disorder, a genetic condition that step by step destroys the kidneys. No DNA test for the disorder is available for Norwegian Forest Cats, however, the ailment may be detected thru ultrasound as early ass 10 months of age.
  • Retinal dysplasia, an eye disorder that causes spots on the retina but does not worsen the cat’s imaginative and prescient.


Brush or comb the Norwegian wooded area Cat’s long coat a few times a week, the use of a bristle brush, twine slicker brush or stainless steel comb. If you run throughout tangles, paintings them out lightly so you don’t hurt the cat. A bathtub is not often important, which is a superb thing. With the Wedgie’s nearly mackintosh, it is able to be very difficult to get him moist sufficient for a bath.

Brush the enamel to prevent periodontal ailment. Daily dental hygiene is high-quality, but weekly brushing is higher than nothing. Wipe the corners of the eyes daily with a gentle, damp fabric to do away with any discharge. Use a separate place of the cloth for each eye so you don’t run the danger of spreading any contamination. Take a look at the ears weekly. If they appear dirty, wipe them out with a cotton ball or soft damp fabric moistened with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and heat water. Avoid using cotton swabs, that can damage the interior of the ear.

Hold the clutter container spotlessly smooth. Like all cats, Wedgies are very unique approximately toilet hygiene. A smooth litter container may even help to hold their fur smooth.

He is virtually built to live to tell the tale a chilly climate, but it’s a terrific idea to hold a Norwegian wooded area Cat as an indoor-best cat to shield him from sicknesses spread by different cats, attacks by puppies or coyotes, and the alternative risks that face cats who pass outdoors, including being hit by means of a vehicle. Wedgies who pass outside additionally run the risk of being stolen by someone who would really like to have such an unusual cat without deciding to buy it. If viable, build your Wedgie a huge outside enclosure wherein he can revel in the elements thoroughly.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Norwegian woodland Cat is terrific for his long, thick, lovely coat and large size. The top has an inverted triangle form, pointed at the chin after which widening on each facet up closer to the medium to large ears, which are heavily tufted. Big, almond-shaped eyes are inexperienced, gold or copper, even though white cats may additionally have blue eyes or atypical eyes (one blue eye and one eye of every other shade). The fairly lengthy frame looks powerful, with its vast chest and closely muscled thighs. Massive round paws have tufts of fur between the feet. The furry tail is so long as the body.

The weatherproof double coat varies in the period. The “bib” starts with a brief collar on the neck, “mutton chops” at the aspect and a full-frontal ruff. Complete britches—lengthy hair on the thighs—cover the hind legs. At the body, the coat is long and flowing, but it changes with the seasons. A Wedgie in summertime looks highly bare compared to his full winter glory. The coat comes in almost every color and pattern, without or with white, with the exceptions of chocolate, lavender or lilac, or a pointed sample like that of the Siamese.

Children And different Pets

The pleasant, laidback Norwegian Forest Cat is an ideal desire for households with youngsters and cat-friendly puppies. He loves the eye he receives from youngsters who deal with him in a well-mannered way and with admire, and he doesn’t thoughts playing dress-up or going for a journey in an infant buggy.

He’s glad to stay with different cats and cat-friendly puppies, too, thanks to his amiable disposition. Introduce pets slowly and in controlled occasions to ensure that they discover ways to get along together.

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